Covered bridges are most certainly a thing of the past, you just don't see them anymore. However, here in the Capital Region, we have the longest one in the world.

Just about a 45-minute drive outside of Albany in Blenheim sits the Blenheim Bridge. It crosses over the top of the Schoharie Creek. This bridge is indeed a record setter. If you have been there recently you have seen some reconstruction going on as it was damaged some 7 years ago. Hurricane Irene seemed to have the number of the historic bridge. Now fast forward and the bridge is getting the well-deserved improvements it needs.

The residents of the tiny town of Blenheim are to thank as they rallied to see the bridge brought back to its prior luster. It will now sit 15 feet higher than previous and will also have many of the original material used to build the bridge used in the renovation.

FEMA and New York will be splitting the cost of the rebuild, estimated at $6.7 million.

Check out photos of the bridge and more on the story at the link below from NYUP.