Who needs to travel across the country when you can travel across the Capital Region for roadside attractions!  It's about the time of year where winter needs to end, I start to go stir crazy, and I start to get wanderlust wishing I was traveling somewhere away from the remaining snow, mud, fog, and rain.  BUT, there's some fun things around the Capital Region that can make you feel like you're on a roadside attraction tour, without the travel and the crazy expenses.  Here's a few, but what would you add to the list?!

  • 1

    The National Bottle Museum

    A museum dedicated to bottles.  That's totally roadside attraction worthy.  And something you can visit, right in Ballston Spa!  Old bottles, vintage bottles, bottle history?! Sure, why note!  They have all of the info at their official website (in case you're interested).

  • 2

    The Spinning U-Haul

    Yes, the classic spinning U-Haul, which even made it to Roadsideamerica.com it's THAT roadside attraction worthy.  Driving along 787, you can catch a glimpse of that spinning U-Haul on top of the U-Haul facility right on Broadway.  Just do yourself and everyone else a favor for safety's sake- don't stop on 787 to look at it.

  • 3

    Nipper the Dog

    Ah yes, nothing like visualizing a 28 foot tall fiber glass dog on top of a warehouse.  Nipper the Dog has been highlighted by the Albany Institute of History and Art, and a sight to be seen.  Get your roadside vacation on and drive Broadway for a peek at Nipper!

  • 4

    Huck Finn's Playland

    Ok, this one is TOTALLY a roadside attraction to me.  Every time I drive by Erie Blvd on 787, Huck Finn's Playland catches my eye.  From 787, it totally stands out amidst the background.  Plus, why not stop and enjoy while your at it! It's just like a true roadside attraction vacation full of sights and fun.  Get all the info at their official website.

  • 5

    USS Slater

    You can either drive by and check out a World War II battle ship, or even tour the ship itself!  The USS Slater is most definitely a roadside attraction.  This ship has history, and is a sight to be seen.  It's open for tours April through November, with all the info here!