***WARNING*** Spoilers ahead ...


We spent the evening tonight at Jupiter Hall at Lucky Strike Social in Crossgates Mall where the Capital Region's very own Moriah Formica and a couple hundred members of the community came out to watch her blind audition together on NBC's The Voice!

I got to Crossgates a little after 7 and it seemed like Moriah could barley make in the mall before getting mobbed by fans, friends, and family that were all here to support her. It probably took her another 20 minutes before she could actually make her way into Jupiter Hall. Once in she was greeted by a packed house who couldn't wait to watch and find out who Moriah decided to choose for her coach on The Voice!

***Here's where the spoilers start so if you were waiting to watch the entire episode now is a good time to stop reading ... ***


You see a couple days ago The Voice posted a clip of Moriah's performance on their facebook page which ended up containing her performance on the show as well as which of the judges turned around and wanted her on their team. As if there was ever any doubt (at least in my mind anyway) EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. turned their chair around!

So most of us knew going into the evening that she would be continuing on in the competition but that didn't make any of us less excited to see her full episode along with her back story and most importantly who she picked to be her coach!!!

Let me tell you how The Voice took their sweet time getting to Moriah's turn, she was literally the last audition on tonight's episode and in her story she seemed pretty gung ho for #TeamAdam but when literally everyone turned their chair and pleaded their case Moriah had a pretty tough decision to make ...

You know the full episode will be available online tomorrow right? ... Well, if you absolutely can't wait she picked ... #TeamMiley ... I know right? I thought for sure she was going with Adam! The blind auditions continue tomorrow night and next week so we have a little time until we get to see Moriah take down the competition (wishful thinking) in the Battle Rounds!

Congrats Moriah!


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