A Stewart's Shop in Saratoga was robbed overnight and police are still searching for the suspect.

According to The Daily Gazette, the robbery took place just after 1am on Tuesday at the Stewart's Shop on Broadway in Saratoga Springs an the suspect was still at large as of 9am. According to Saratoga Police Lt. Robert Jillson, the man approached the register with knife, demanding cash and exited the store with money in a bag. No word on how much cash he made away with. Security camera footage shows the man as white, and just under 6ft tall. The man was wearing a black hoodie, jeans and tan boots. No injuries were reported. Another Capital Region area Stewart's Shop, in Rotterdam, was robbed at knifepoint back in January. An arrest was made quickly after that robbery.

Let's hope that this latest incident is gets solved quickly, hopefully with an arrest being made soon.

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