A Stewart's Shop in the Capital Region was robbed at knifepoint Monday afternoon.

This incident happened at a Stewart's in Rotterdam around 2:30pm, when a man threatened employees with a knife after being confronted about stolen items. Police were able to catch 19 year old Michael X. McCoy of Schenectady after he fled the scene. He was arrested and charged with first-degree robbery and petit larceny. He was arraigned and ordered held.

I often frequent Stewart's Shop's on a regular basis as they are a great, convenient stop in my travels to work or wherever. I’ve also done a lot of work with Stewart’s over the years through radio, and the staff is always great. One summer we did a promotion where we gave away four Incredible Summer Prize Packs which included a mountain bike, a fridge full of mountain dew, and 500 bucks from Stewart’s. The place was packed and everyone had a great time. It's a shame about this incident. Definitely a scary situation for all the employees involved at Stewart's. We're glad nobody was hurt.