A place that many from generations past have fond memories of, the Catskill Game Farm. Today only the gate will be open to the public.

Of course it won't have the luster that it used to being the facility hasn't been open for 11 years but still will spur on some pretty awesome thoughts from your past. I myself have one very faint memory of the place. It had to be the early to mid 1990's and I barely remember it. For me though, I know that I am part of the last generation that had the pleasure of seeing all of the animals.

Now onto the pressing matter, the matter of their gates being open today. The owners say according to WNYT that "People keep finding their way there". So maybe this is away to hopefully prevent people from hopping the fence. You may take yourself on a self guided tour of the property if you wish today. They only ask that if you wish to do that you register at their website which is linked below.

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