It has officially been a whole year that we have been dropping some (occasionally questionable) words of wisdom on you so on this weeks Free Advice Friday we celebrate!

Wow! I can't believe it has been a whole 52 weeks since we started offering up Free and unsolicited Advice to you every Friday!

That's 52 weeks of (occasionally, somewhat questionable) "advice" that you were probably already aware of but may have enjoyed  a refresher on or at least knew someone that needed to be shown a little reminder. Advice on fun things going on in the Capital Region, on how to cope with Upstate New York's sporadic weather and colorful people, celebrating national holidays, and even occasionally how to win some pretty awesome stuff from Q103.

So for this weeks Free Advice Friday Vinnie and I thought we'd celebrate by taking you back through a year of Free Advice!



Special shout out to our loyal views for tuning in every week! Thanks for keeping us going for the last year! You rock!


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