More movies and shows are coming to the interwebs this August, to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

While I personally still enjoy going to the movie theater (and do so about once a week), there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some entertainment at home.  Since July is just about over. Netflix is going to be getting a whole slew of new movies and shows.  On the list?  Rocky and more Rocky.  I mean, of course there is more but do the others really matter?  Because Rocky through Rocky V (though we all know only through IV are good) are going to be available and that’s the only movie marathon you need for the month.

Though if you are interested in more, CBS 6 Albany has a complete list posted of what’s coming.  There are some good names like Groundhog Day, Now and Then, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and more.  The list even will tell you what dates movies and shows are being released.  Oh and let me mention ‘Mindhunter 2’- there’s that too.  Check out the full list here!

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