Earlier this week Kevin Smith said his hockey epic 'Hit Somebody' will now be a TV series instead of his last film before retirement, and now he's making 'Clerks 3' his final movie because of course he is.

Can we all agree that Kevin Smith has become a professional troll? Last year he announced he would make one more film before retiring -- a hockey epic called 'Hit Somebody.' Then he said it would be two films. Then he said it would be one film. Then this week he said it will be a television miniseries. A red flag went up -- if 'Hit Somebody' isn't technically his last film, then that surely means...

Yup. According to Kevin Smith's Twitter feed, the man himself says that as soon as actor Jeff Anderson signs the paperwork, 'Clerks 3' will be his final movie:


'Clerks' was Smith's first film, and perhaps his most praised aside from 'Chasing Amy,' the latter of which earned a release through the prestigious Criterion collection. Smith released 'Clerks 2' in 2006, following leads Dante and Randal as they shift from being 20-something slackers working at a gas station to 30-something slackers working at a fast food joint.

'Clerks' was released when Smith was trying to make a name for himself in indie film (gas station); 'Clerks 2' was released when Smith was an accomplished filmmaker (fast food restaurant); and 'Clerks 3' is being released when Smith has become something of a joke -- so maybe Dante and Randal will work in a recycling factory where they sit around judging everyone who doesn't understand them or see their potential, and they can talk about lewd sex and weed all day.

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