Clifton Park's Creatacor Inc. usually custom fabricates displays and showrooms for events and trade shows. As Liam Neeson's character said in the movie Taken, "I do have are a very particular set of skills." Creatacor has a particular set of skills that seem to be perfectly suited to make temporary hospital beds and other medical pieces during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Spectrum Local News, the company's 50 employees are working from home and designing a temporary hospital bed that would meet the demand for 140,000 beds in New York. If the design proves to be successful they could make temporary beds for hospitals all over the country.

The team at Creatacor already has prototypes that are easy to transport, store and assemble without any tools. The beds are cut from one sheet of material and can be stacked up like plywood at the hardware store for easy transport.

The Clifton Park company has been in contact with New York state and officials with FEMA to get the "go ahead" to start building these much-needed hospital beds.

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