A statewide program is being offered for volunteer firefighters to help pay for tuition. It's an effort to attract more volunteers to firefighting. Here's how it works. According to CBS 6, there is a reimbursement program that allows volunteer firefighters to help to pay for college tuition. It's a New York state program aimed at attracting more volunteers to firehouses all over the state.

The program was created and run by the Fireman's Association of the State of New York. Across the state, there is a crucial need for more volunteer firefighters. In Columbia County, there is a sign at the Lebanon Valley Protective Association that reads, "Firefighters needed or we are out of business". The need is real.

Fire departments are trying to recruit young members within the communities and they are hoping the college tuition incentive is a good draw. Each semester the volunteer will receive reimbursement based on good grades in their college courses.

To learn more about volunteering and the tuition reimbursement program, click HERE.


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