Jaywalking is against the law and you can get ticketed for it.

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We have all joked about it at one time or another mostly as kids when your mom would yell at you for not crossing the street at the cross walk and she'd try to put the fear of god in you tell you that the cops will come and arrest you. However, because it's so rarely enforced you tend to forget that jaywalking is actually a ticketable offense.

Apparently it has become so bad on Central Ave in Colonie (which completely baffles me because I don't even want to drive on that road let alone walk across it) that the New York state Department of Transportation revamped some intersections adding new signals and a barrier. According to News 10 :

The buttons were totally changed. They’re made to light up so the pedestrian knows it’s been activated and that it won’t be too long until they get the walk signal.

I guess on Tuesday alone 22 tickets were handed out to people not only crossing in the middle of the road but those crossing at crosswalks without a walk signal.

So moral of the story, be patient and wait for the walk signal, and you know don't get hit by a car. Looks like CPD will be out handing out tickets throughout the summer.

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