Some of life's biggest decisions and confessions are made at the dinner table. It's a common ground for friends, family and even foe to meet, discuss and "break bread".

If you take the term "breaking bread" literally, you will want some of the finest bread in the Capital Region and you will find that at the Bread Butler at 1500 Central Ave. in Colonie.

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Recently the Bread Butler caught some attention due to their Turkey Bread, perfect for Thanksgiving! According to the stores owner Andreas Mergner, they take their Carla dough and shape it like a turkey! It is amazing how real it looks! The bakers sprinkle a bit of Italian herbs to add to the effect and bam! You have Turkey Bread!

My girlfriend grabbed one of the last of the Turkey Bread on Tuesday and it's about the size of a chicken and neither chicken nor turkey were harmed in the creation of the Turkey Bread!

Lainie Rae

The novelty of the Turkey Bread may be what gets you in the door at the Bread Butler but you will soon taste the reason this will become your year-round destination for breads. The menu changes week to week so be sure to check the upcoming schedule HERE.

"Good Morning" Lainie Rae

Good Morning! Originally called "Christmas Morning", this treat was so popular the name was changed to "Good Morning" and available year-round. Filled with candied orange peels, cherries, dates, raisins, cardamom, and then topped with sunflower seeds and a touch of sugar. I'll bet you've never had anything like this before.

Lainie Rae

The Bread Butler offers the Pilgrim, the Crustalian, Lile, Zeta, Carla and more!

Lainie Rae

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