To someone who loves all things spooky, scary, and spiritual, this was huge news.

Lorraine Warren, clairvoyant who along with her husband Ed served as an inspiration for the hit ‘Conjuring’ universe movies, passed away at the age of 92.  The Times Union wrote about this, along with a great history of Ed and Lorraine.  In the 1950s, Ed and Lorraine started the New England Society of Psychic Research.  They ultimately became known names through famous cases such as the ‘Amityville’ house and murders.

For me, if it was all real or not is a moot point.  I live for Halloween.  I live to be spooked. I get a thrill from the idea of the occult (don’t all of us rock fans though, when you look at our love for bands such as Black Sabbath).  And I seriously love horror movies.  Some of my favorites wouldn’t be around today without the work of Ed and Lorraine Warren, and their stories to inspire the movies.  So whether I believe the hauntings or not- it doesn't matter.  I’m super psyched these two existed.  And here’s to their memory!  You can read more about their history and even some spooky circumstances surrounding her death and the Times Union.