In my house I usually know when we're going to have frost overnight. It's when I find all of our outside potted plants inside sitting in our living room like we're having some kinda flower sleepover.

The Times Union is reporting that tonight could be the first frost of the season. Especially in areas north of Saratoga and into the Adirondacks . The higher your elevation the more likely you'll get frost overnight tonight.

So, what should you do if you want to protect your plants? Bring them inside your house or at least into the garage. Plants that are in the ground that you want to protect you can cover with sheets or even straw. Or you can do what I usually do and let nature take its course....if they die, they die.

Just know tonight I'll probably be snuggling up to one of my wife's potted Chrysanthemums to keep it warm while we watch TV.