The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall for 137,300 bottles of over-the-counter pain medication that may have been sold here in Upstate New York.

What is the Consumer Product Safety Commission?

Until 1970, accidental self-poisonings were the leading cause of injury and death to kids five and younger. Children kept easily accessing medicine without any additional safety measures in place besides assuming parents would keep their prescriptions locked away.

Pill bottles did not have the same child-proof lids that we're accustomed to today until United State Congress passed the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, or PPPA. This required the push-to-open tops be used to secure prescription and over-the-counter drugs. This improvement lowered the number of child fatalities by poison from 500 per year to fewer than 24 annually.

The PPPA is monitored by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA was added to the PPPA's management when the Act was later expanded to include hazardous household chemicals like furniture polish, bleach, and turpentine.

Do You Have This Acetaminophen?

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Last week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 400,000 medicine bottles imported by New Jersey's Aurohealth LLC. for not meeting PPPA guidelines. This includes 137,300 bottles of Walgreens brand extra strength over-the-counter pain medication that could have made its way to New York.

There is nothing wrong with the acetaminophen inside, but the unsecured caps pose an immediate danger to kids. Only the 150 caplet containers of the 500mg pain reliever and fever reducer are affected. These bottles feature a red and white label that boasts "Easy Open For Adults" and look like this:


According to the full CPSC recall notice, unsafe product will have the

"UPC number 311917218090 and Lot numbers P2100627, P2100671, P2100672, P2100689 P2100747, P2100859 (each with expiration date Nov-2022) and P2200050 (with expiration date Jan-2023)"

If you find you've purchased one of the faulty bottles, immediately secure it out of reach and sight of children. You are entitled to a full refund. For additional information about the recall and how to redeem your refund, contact Aurohealth toll-free 888-504-2014 on weekdays 9a to 6p Eastern.

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