This is basically the law that will hold a 16 year old criminally responsible for their actions. New York is setting to raise the age. And there is more to the law which may impact you.

I am not sure whether I agree with this or not. I think at 16 you should be treated as an adult. Its not like you don't know what you are doing when you are that age. Well over the next few years that age will rise to 18. Then again I suppose I can see the other side of the picture too. I myself as a child too have always been a law abiding citizen, so this law really wouldn't have phased me all too much. But it does have another side to it that may impact you.

You ask how? If you are someone who has committed a non violent crime, after 10 years of being crime free you may request the records of said crime be sealed.

Many may sit and say how much they hate Governor Andrew Cuomo, but his statement about this law is one that is actually quite admirable in my opinion.

“Law-abiding New Yorkers should not be forever branded with the stigma of a non-violent criminal conviction when they have turned their lives around, - GOV. CUOMO / NEWS 10

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