If you want me to buy something, then you got to hit me with a solid pun. The Old Navy at Crossgates Mall you have delivered and for that you will be rewarded.

I don’t even drink soda (or “pop,” 'pending where you’re from), but this sign made me feel obligated.

I saw this sign on a cooler in the checkout line at the Old Navy in Albany and immediately felt like someone needed to receive an award. Since the conception of Gene Shalit puns have been the most powerful form of communication and humor.

Some might argue that they are the lowest form of comedy and should be looked down upon, however I couldn’t disagree more.

This sign at Old Navy is coming out swinging and anyone who gets in its way can drink a tall can of shut the h#ll up! Congratulations creator of the “Let’s Get Fizz-ical” sign, you are here by awarded the Gene Shalit memorial award… He is dead, right?

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