It seems like Cuomo has a lot of things he wants to do this election year. We heard about the plastic bag proposition, now he has a proposal on bail.

Listen, this one for me is one I hope never effects me. For one, I am a pretty law-abiding citizen. Short of maybe mowing my lawn shirtless, not a crime, just not kind to my neighbors. Or is it? All jokes aside, bail is something that some states have pondered abolishing. New Jersey actually did last year. Cuomo is hoping it seems to have New York follow suit.

Think of this, if you were arrested. You may have a massive problem. Not having enough money to deal with bail. Well this is why Governor Cuomo is looking to eliminate bail for most crimes. If you are too poor to post bail, you may sit in jail until trial even if you are innocent.

The keyword is most crimes, I highly down murderers won't be held in jail prior to trial.

Thoughts? I'm here and there on it.