Is this really the 'greatest tragedy' of his career?

New York recently lost a bid to have internet company Amazon's second headquarters in New York City.  Well, according to an article posted by, Governor Cuomo referred to that loss as the "greatest tragedy" during his time in government.  They also noted in their post that Cuomo said the loss of the deal made him 'sick to his stomach' and that he also stated in an interview this was "the greatest tragedy that I have seen since I have been in government" (

I just want to take a minute to reflect on that.  Of EVERYTHING in New York that's occurred since Governor Cuomo has been in office, that's the greatest tragedy?  The loss of an internet business headquarters, that was never even there to begin with.  I get it- it's seen as an economic hit.  Amazon headquarters in New York City could have created a lot of jobs (though I still feel like internet sales play a big role in why we're LOSING jobs here in the Capital District, and all of these stores and chains are shutting down).  I don't buy it.  Do you think this is really Cuomo's 'greatest tragedy', or there's been worse...

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