It has been over a week since Governor Cuomo's Executive Action ban on e-cigarette flavors.  In the past week, things haven't really settled much.

Initially people I knew reacted with a lot of passion- on support of both sides- to this ban.   I have to say, scrolling through social media, seeing what local businesses are dealing with, and talking to people I know, the situation is still not calming down.  But in a new post by, it seems like that's what Cuomo is pushing for.

He's calling on New York and neighboring states to work together on policies for recreational marijuana and vaping (so now, after the back-lash about the vaping, marijuana's being thrown in the mix?).  Apparently according to, Governor Cuomo is going to be travelling to Connecticut to meet with politicians, and also wants to work with New Jersey.  Outside of e-cigarettes it looks like he also wants to address flavorings in marijuana vaping products, noting the availability of marijuana gummies.

To me this all seems like one big political mess (I'm not saying that in support of one party or another, it just truly seems like a mess).  You can read more about the updates here. What do you think?