I have been saying it for the last few months, "Pot will be legal in New York soon enough". Well, maybe not in 2019.

What is New York waiting for you ask? There are some details that the states government officials are bickering over. I say bickering but they are points that are worthy of bringing up.

"The time for squabbling over details is over," said Kassandra Frederique, New York state director for the Drug Policy Alliance. "We need action from the Democratic majority. Marijuana legalization needs to pass during this legislative session. Period." - NYUP

Now that shows some promise, the Drug Policy Alliance Director is on the side of legalization. Details held it up before and are again. Mainly the detail of if marijuana is legalized, do you then expunge people who have charges or possession on their record? Do people who now sit in our prisons get released?

Governor Andrew Cuomo calls this push back "Troublesome" says NYUP. He, in the same article, is quoted as saying that he urges the Senate and Assembly to pass the bill.