Its that time of year again! The holiday season is upon us. For New York, along with the holidays, it is also hunting season now too.

I know for a few of my coworkers, some of them used to take a walk on the trails that surround our studios on lunch. By a few, I mean at least one. First of all, I doubt they are now due to the snow. Also because they were told hunting season is almost here. That later part kind of scared them.

I come from a hunting family, as the child that was overly rambunctious, I never got to go with my granddad, uncle and cousins hunting. I remember it was a holiday tradition for them though.

I actually just scrolled my facebook page and saw my cousin and uncle got a black bear they had spotted on one of their cameras. Congrats to them.

If you plan to hunt this season, check out the link below from CBS 6.

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