In Las Vegas, the Democratic debate was an actual political debate, although some of the candidates tried to crack jokes, none could compare to the entertainment value of Donald Trump.


Because the Democratic debate was so boring and political, I feel obligated as an American to share what Fox News thought about the debate.

That is a very fair and balanced analysis of the Democratic debate.

Unfortunately, not even America's favorite news source could make the Democratic snoozefest very entertaining, not even Sheryl Crow could help. Maybe they should have had Miley Cyrus sing the National Anthem.

Wow I almost fell asleep watching that. It's a good thing I posted what Fox News thought of the debate first.

What they should have done to make it more entertaining is let "America's First Family" the Kardashians ask the questions, because America does not care about gun control or income inequality.

I apologize for this boring blog, so to make up for it, here is Donald Trump.

Now that's a debate.

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