2019 just barely started, and there are already a few victims!

It looks like in the coming year, a few departments stores will be completely extinct from the Capital Region.  News Channel 13 reported that the Greenwich and Queensbury Kmart stores  will be closing by March, meaning that there will no longer be any Kmart stores in the area.

Sears is actually up first, with the last Sears in the area [Wilton Mall] closing in February, according to News Channel 13.   I'm hoping this trend slows down in 2019, as these aren't newly announced closures.  2018 seemed like it was full of store closings, restaurant closings, and more.  To me, that means more people out of work.  So I'm hoping for some steadiness in 2019 and less closures, even though you'll have to wave goodbye to Sears and Kmart.

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