Last week Candace referenced 'Stranger Things' in one of her blogs and it reminded me of this question: Is it just me or does Matthew Modine in 'Stranger Things' look like Steve Caporizzo?

Getty Images

Matthew Modine.

Image: Pet Connection

Steve Caporizzo.

Matthew Modine.

Steve Caporizzo.

I am not saying that they're identical and I am not saying that they look-alike because of the white hair, I am talking about the eyes, nose and facial structure.

I am not saying that they're the same person but you can not deny that they resemble each other.

I noticed this the first time that I watched 'Stranger Things' because I started watching it without my wife who I did not know wanted to watch it, my wife is the type of person who can not follow a plot to commercial so I had to explain what was going in the show to her as we watched it and when it came to the scenes with Matthew Modine I referred to his character as Steve Caporizzo and she burst out laughing.

Throughout the entire series we kept on referring to Matthew Modine's character as Steve Caporizzo and 'Stranger Things' went from a Sci-Fi Thriller to a Comedy because when ever Matthew Modine's character was on screen, I would say something like: "Uh oh, it's Steve Caporizzo he's gonna make them adopt a cat and tell them about the weather."

Then the guy would start shooting at people.

You may not agree with me and I could be wrong but I feel that I must warn you all that Steve Caporizzo may be an evil scientist.

Humans are not adopting adorable fuzzy animals.

Animals are adopting the humans.

If you adopt a pet from Pet Connection and it starts to move things with its mind, remember I tried to warn you.