Eric Zane revealed this morning on the Free Beer & Hot Wings show that he has a small crush on the Rapunzel character from the Disney movie Tangled. So is having a crush on a cartoon character more common than not?


The famous line from Jessica Rabbit; I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.  That triggered millions of men to fall in love with this, can I say hot, cartoon character?  So how many of you guys out there are crushing on toon ladies? Which one and why?

I think Disney is famous for drawing their leading women a little "sexy".  When I was a kid I don't remember thinking that, but looking back at Aladdin now, Jasmine is pretty hot.  Same goes for Ariel in The Little Mermaid.  With the exception of some well placed sea shells, she is basically naked.  So do movies do these kind of things on purpose?  I don't think that aspect appeals to children who are more into the actual cartoon, maybe they are trying to draw in the parents with a busty skimpy dressed princess and a handsome muscly hero.


I mean they do draw the guys just as provocatively as the women.  Case in point; Gaston in Beauty and The Beast.  The dude is jacked with a chiseled jaw and clearly a lady killer.  I mean even the  background women in the movie are practically falling out of their shirts over this guy.  I can't believe I never noticed any of this as a kid.  Guess I got lost in the "story".  So obviously girls must have their fair share of cartoon crushes as well.

It begs me to ask the question, is it normal to be crushing on a cartoon character?  Is it any different than having a crush on a fictional character in any movie?  I mean I know people who are totally in love, well lust, with Sharon Stones Basic Instinct character of Catherine Tramell, but don't actually care for her in real life.  If you are currently crushing on a cartoon character, or you have always loved one I want to know!  Is Zane alone in this?  I think not.

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