Seriously, when the daylight hours become shorter it can really alter your mood.

The Daylight Savings Blues are a real thing and it has everything to do with the serious lack of sunlight we get after we turn the clocks back. Whether it's because we are stuck in an office building during the hours the sun is actually shining or the fact that the weather makes everything dull and grey it can really affect the way that we feel.

If you are coming to the realization that you do feel like you get a little depressed every time winter rolls around you are not alone. It could actually be a condition called seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD. Symptoms can include trouble sleeping, withdrawal or irritability.

If the gloomy dark weather has got you down there is a way to counter act these SAD feelings .According to WXYZ it could be as simple as interjecting a bit of sunlight into your life. Spending about 30 minutes a day outside can really help pick you up. They say that even if it is overcast out the rays do shine through and should help your mood.

I am aware that we live in the North East and we are prone to lots of cloud cover in the winter and if 30 minutes in the outdoors is just not something you can fit in your day you might want to look into getting a light therapy lamp and using that instead to help lift your spirits.

Some other helpful tips are to make sure you get some exercise in your routine, turn on lights and open windows in your home or office, supplements containing Vitamin D, and I think my favorite one is to socialize more! So if you need an excuse to get out of the house and hang with some friends in the winter, here it is!