Last weekend was absolutely beautiful with tons of sunshine, blue sky, and highs in the mid to upper 70s. My wife and I were tempted to even start planting our garden, but something told us to wait a minute and check the upcoming week's forecast. I'm glad we did.

There is snow in the forecast...yes, you heard me right, I said snow. This entire week is going to be on the chilly side with some crisp winds and overcast sky and daytime temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. That's not too bad, but below normal for this time of year. Now, the overnight lows in the 30s, that's a different story.

Jason Gough, The Times Union Meteorologist, said things will stay cold all this week and then there's a chance of snow starting Friday night into Saturday morning. How much snow? Anywhere from a snowy mix in the Hudson Valley to measurable snow at higher elevations. According to the article in The Times Union, if we do see snow here in Albany it will be just the seventh time it's snowed in May since 1885.

So, this Mother's Day you can buy mom a bouquet of flowers...and shovel her driveway. Ah, the weather in upstate New York, always an adventure.

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