Latham still has a bowling alley, I worked there for a short time at the Snack Bar and I hated every minute of it, especially when I had to work midnight bowling. I used to tell them darn kids to go home and read a book instead of bowling to bad pop songs as a terrible coordinated light show illuminated the place just enough for me to notice that midnight bowlers are rarely any good at bowling. I served kids cheese fries, pizza and other fried foods while mouthing off to the pretentious DJ, when they renovated the place they renovated me with it and I was actually kind of happy to go because I really hated that job.

Clifton Park still has a bowling alley, I was there just last month. They have an awesome arcade and a spacious bar and dining area. You barely notice the bowling lanes especially once you realize that the arcade has laser tag.

Troy has a bowling alley. Tatiana and I drove by it when we were on our way to the Free Beer & Hot Wings Live at Night show, Tatiana’s driving scares me. I am sure that Troy’s bowling alley is nice, but I will never go inside because the idea of a Townie Bowling Alley scares me more then Tatiana’s driving. Even if Troy’s bowling alley is not a good bowling alley, at least they still have one.

Schenectady probably has bowling alleys but I would not know because Schenectady scares me enough, not like Troy though. Schenectady scares me in a ‘Wild West’ kind of way and Troy scares me in a Colonial way.

East Greenbush, Delmar, Guilderland and even Menands still have a bowling alleys.

So what’s wrong with Albany?

I guess that you can count Lucky Strike, but you can argue that it is in Guilderland or too close to Guilderland to be considered a true Albany bowling alley. The difference is that Lucky Strike is not a ‘stand alone’ bowling alley but rather a mall bowling alley.

The point of this blog is: Don’t worry Capital Region, there are plenty of bowling alleys still around and they’ve all got plenty of balls.