The pandemic can't technically stop you from celebrating the holidays, but it is already stopping some holiday celebrations.

The Polar Express out of Utica will be docked this year, not running due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  According to a post by, the Adirondack Railroad has postponed the 2020 Polar Express season.  A statement was released regarding the 2020 hiatus and indicated that the cause for halting the Polar Express rides this year was related to keeping everyone safe.

Reading the post it also looks like there were financial concerns, with the amount of investment that it takes to run the event clashing with the ongoing regulatory changes and authority issues in New York.  Understandable, as much as it stinks to see holiday events already being canceled.  Governor Cuomo seems to keep changing the rules day in and day out, it's hard to keep up, hard to plan to keep everyone safe, when each week is an unknown here in New York.

You can read more here.

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