So you're a musician and John Petrucci shows up at your door, guitar in hand. What do you do? If you know some Dream Theater songs, you can have a nice little jam session, but let's face it - you'd probably flub a couple bits playing those songs and with the master right there, watching your every move and mistake. Instead, go straight for the fun stuff... like the Super Mario Bros. theme song.

Nintendo's relationship with rock goes way back. If you've played the original Super Mario Bros. game for the NES system, you might remember some characters like the Reznors, Lemmy Koopa and Wendy O. Koopa. Yeah, Nintendo knew the deal and there's even parts of Rainbow's "A Light in the Black" that sound like you're racking up coins in the game. That's why it's perfect that Petrucci sat down with Family Jules, shredding his way through the classic theme.

It's only natural that Petrucci embellishes some of the parts with his own flair, going off script with some speed-picking moments and shredding to really drive home the metal message. After the two guitarists are done trading licks, the Dream Theater icon goes on to discuss a bit about his signature Majesty guitar.

Last year, Dream Theater celebrated the 25th anniversary of Images and Words following a world tour in support of their ambitious double album, The Astonishing. Those hoping for some new material from Petrucci and the rest of the group will likely have to wait until next year, however, as the guitarist has stated that the G3 tour will occupy a lot of his time throughout 2018.

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