Mmm nothing beats drinking straight from the tap. I know this sounds crazy but this taste exactly like mom use to make produce. I haven’t a clue what anyone in this clip is saying but I do know two things. 1, that chick let a guy drink the milk from her breast and 2, that dude is wearing bright yellow pants. If you add those two things together you get the answer of “foreign television is awesome”!

Seriously, what kind of television show is this? Let’s forget the fact that the giant “ooga chucka baby” in a sports coat just sucked the calcium from this chicks lady faucets. With that aside you still have some girl sitting in a rather large crowd just being treated like a dairy cow. Do all Dutch television shows require someone to be pumping their breast at all times? If so I want in. if there are calcium excreting breast on Dutch television then Q103 you can consider this my resignation. I have plans to move on to bigger and better things with my new job as a Dutch television star. My bones are going to be so strong!

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