What is America coming to? You mean to tell me a pretty young man with great new fun bags doesn’t have the freedom to show them off? Blasphemy!  

According to Dailymail a young man who lives as a girl named "Jamie" was arrested after she was flashing his breast implants in a Wal-Mart. It’s not certain in the manner he was flashing her breast and if he followed standard protocol of yelling “Woo” while doing it.  Also we have no reports on a rating on how they looked. But one thing is for sure, after hearing this story I’m certain this lady-boy will never find a good man to settle down with because the cops reported he spit blood at them when in the back of their cruiser.

Jamie, you got yourself labeled as a “spitter” and now know one will want to be with you. But when you get out of jail if you’d like to come on my show I’d love to help you get fixed up with someone nice.



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