This chubby Man Child is so unbelievably adorable. Not many people enjoyed watching CM Punks’s streak end last night but I’m pretty sure you’re the only adult who through a hissy fit over it.

The Royal rumble main event was The Rock vs. CM Punk for the WWE championship. After Rock hit the people’s elbow and pinned CM punk this dude immediately flipped out. Breaking DVDs kicking his wrestling toys and yelling at his girlfriend (wait, he can’t have a girlfriend? Can he?). I’m almost certain CM punk didn’t take the loss as hard as this kid. Hey bro relax, you’re going to freak out too hard and make the rest of your hair also turn grey.

PS what’s the deal with all the crap on the floor? Are you a hardcore wrestling fan or a hoarder? Because I’m pretty sure a fan that cared as much as you are claiming to would at least have some shelves to keep all that crap that you’re kicking around with your giant cankels.

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