Man, I thought when I left California for New York earthquakes were going to be the last thing I'd have to worry about.

I grew up in Southern California which is prime earthquake region to the point where we had regular drills in school and a little shake of the earth was so common we barley noticed them.

So you could you could imagine my surprise this evening when my news feed starting filling up with status of "Did you just feel that?" and "Was that an earthquake?" from my east coast friends.

After a quick google search I can verify that indeed an earthquake hit the east coast. There are reports popping up all over the place however, they all seem to have a variable of the actual magnitude I've seen 4.1, 4.4, 5.1 and while I can't tell you exactly where the quake lands on the Richter scale I think we can safely assume it was between a 4.1 and a 5.5.

I've been getting word from friends that felt it's aftershocks throughout the region including Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York City, and even in the Hudson Valley. Now I don't think the aftershocks managed to reach us in Upstate New York. I certainly didn't feel anything at the Q studios this evening but there is definitely a chance that even after all these years I still might be oblivious to them.

Did you feel anything in the Capital Region?