Check out this kicker pulling the olde switch-a-roo to pull off a first down. People are going crazy over this punt to a receiver play when in related I’m pretty sure this was an accident. I love a trick play in football, it truly is my favorite part of the game. Any time I see a trick play I get just as excited as I did the first time I saw the scene from “Little Big League”. You know the scene where Bill Haywood coaches the Twins to do a elaborate hidden ball trick from the mound where it gets so in-depth that even the security guard and the fans on the foul line are involved? Well, that scene has me wishing for a trick play every sports game I watch.

This trick play however lacks the certain finesse and psychology that most others have. Sure you punted the ball and you got the first down. But why couldn't this dude just have thrown the ball. the receiver was only like 5 yards out so this leads me to believe it might have been a mistake. Either this kicker shanked the ball and he got lucky there was a dude there to catch it or this happens all the time and they are just playing to this noodle legged kicker’s strengths.

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