Are you a person who literally counts down the days until the Autumn season like a child does Christmas for pumpkin spice? If so, be prepared to be in your glory.

I am sure many will agree with the statement about pumpkin spice I am about to write, if you don't I am sorry. Pumpkin Spice is just flat out disgusting. I enjoy a good pumpkin pie. I even love carving pumpkins. But putting pumpkin spice on every possible seems just a tad bit excessive wouldn't you say?

Well if you disagree with the paragraph above and your mouth is watering at the thought of pumpkin spice pizza, well here you go. The Capital Region location of Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen which is inside of Albany International Airport will begin to carry a pumpkin spice pizza beginning on Friday. I partially am hoping this is a joke because that sounds worse than a bout of drunk puking.


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