No, you won't go blind from looking at these amazing photos.

If you had the chance to step outside (with proper eyewear) and stare at the sun you got to see something that was really amazing. If you sat inside and pouted you just sort of missed out on an amazing opportunity.

Fortunately I was one of the lucky folks that didn't miss out on viewing the solar eclipse. Though it only got to about 97% totality in Albany where I live it was still amazing to witness, and it did get slightly dark out. My kids and I had a blast.

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Now hopefully you had the correct glasses on and didn't end up blinded by the sun, but even if you did you couldn't read this anyway. Thankfully my glasses worked just fine.

I was not able to capture any good photos of the event that took place yesterday, but some of you guys were and shared some really cool photos with us Facebook.

The conspiracies can all be put to rest now that it is all over. We all seemed to have survived and come out unscathed from this event. But, you never know what the next one will bring. Being prepared isn't a bad thing.

You'll always remember where you were between 2pm and 4pm n April 8, 2024.

Solar Eclipse Photos From Upstate New York

Listeners from around the Capital Region share there photos of the the once in a lifetime solar eclipse that took place on Monday April 8, 2024.

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