If I saw a dog suffering in a hot car I wouldn't hesitate to break a window and save the animal. I'm a huge dog lover and have four....yes FOUR of my own. Unfortunately, New York doesn't have a good Samaritan law to protect you when you're trying to "do the right thing" So I'd probably be liable for the damage and maybe even charged with a crime. Until today even police, fire and other first responders were in kind of a gray area when it came rescuing a pet in distress from a hot or cold vehicle.  The good new is that changed today.

Governor Cuomo has signed legislation to allow first emergency and first responders to rescue pets that are left unattended in a hot or cold vehicle. According to the governor's website.

"Leaving a pet in a stifling hot or freezing cold car is inhumane and potentially dangerous, and emergency responders should have the ability to remove them if necessary. As a dog owner myself, I am proud to sign this measure into law to help ensure the safety and well-being of animals."  -Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

The biggest difference with this law is that it expands what departments can respond to a 911 call of an animal in danger and it will also cut the response time. Saving critical minutes that can be the difference in life or death to a pet in a hot or freezing vehicle. The new law goes into effect immediately.

Read more about this new law signed by Governor Cuomo HERE