Retail workers rejoice!  It seems that amidst the growing retail madness in recent years, some more stores are actually closing for the Thanksgiving holiday this year.  I caught site of a post by News 10 abc about a number of retailers announcing that they will in fact be closed on Thanksgiving this year.

There's a total of over 70 stores closing this year for Thanksgiving.  Included in this list- Cabela's, DSW, H&M, Guitar Center, Home Depot, HomeGoods, Ikea, Sam's Club, Staples, TJ Maxx, and more.  Get the full list of stores closing at

In my other role as a nurse, I always expect to work holidays.  Really, I don't know many first responders or healthcare workers who get holidays off.  However, with those necessities aside, frankly I feel a holiday is a holiday!  Why force people to work on a holiday simply so that people can indulge in retail therapy.  I'm pretty sure that if stores are closed for a day, everyone will survive.  Thanksgiving, a holiday in which we give thanks, seems to have become about materialism in the mainstream media as of late, and it's so nice to see stores reverting back to honoring a day off.  Have you had to work on Thanksgiving? What are your thoughts?