You can have a 'night at the Roxbury', stay in Genie's Bottle, or live like Indiana Jones for a few.

Not far from the Capital Region, there's a themed-hotel that is so unique you won't even just feel like you went on a vacation.  You'll feel like you escaped reality.  I caught wind of this on, and clearly had to check it out.  Located in the Catskills, the Roxbury Motel has some amazing themed rooms and suits that seem like the perfect location for a fun summer night or two away.

From living like Cleopatra and Indiana Jones, to a suite that literally looks like a coconut-cream pie (based on Maryann from Gilligan's Island), to a suit that brings you to the 'Final Frontier'- outer space- this place seems to have it all.  You can even go Flintstones-style and stay in Fred's Lair.  The pictures alone are pretty wild to look at.  You can check them out here!

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