I've recently learned that porn-stars make a s--- ton of bank. You're saying to yourself: duh! But listen: A few nights ago I stumbled upon a few tweets from Stormy Daniels. Familiar with Stormy? She's been in the Adult Entertainment Industry for close to 15 years and even considered running for a senate seat back in 2010 in her home state of Louisiana. Back to Stormy's tweets.

The other night Stormy tweeted that she was starting her nightly Skype show. I was like: 'How much does that cost', literally. Like rapid fire shots, Stormy tweeted back offering an email address where I could get in depth info on her rates. So I emailed asking:

I contacted you on Twitter regarding a live skype show... You asked me to email you for your rates. What say you?

Stormy was quick to respond:

The show is $100 for 15 min (solo girl) or $200 for B/G show. Shows can be as tame as simply talking or I can do a strip tease/masturbation. For the B/G shows, you can simply watch the action or "direct". Your choice.

So I'm thinking to myself: That's a sh-- ton of money and moved on. Well, yesterday Stormy had again tweeted that she was starting her Skype show, so, I Tweet at Stormy letting her know:

This is the thing: Stormy and I tweeted back and forth for a while, then out of no where, she deletes all her tweets.

So you can see, there was dialogue there and honestly, it pissed me off that she deleted her stuff. I'm thinking: I'm offering you free promotion and in return, you answer a few questions about yourself on the radio, locally.

So I tweet back:


Alright baby-doll- I'm email you:

So why did you delete my tweets?


This is the thing I dig about Stormy, which is why I tweeted at her in the first place: She actually responds to you:

I deleted ALL conversations with my email address with mentions to skype.  Another girl sent me a DM...she said someone used her skype name (email) to hack into her stuff and the 4 guys she had chatted with the night before, including her online banking and paypal account. 

So I'm sitting here like, WTF is going on, and reach out to her:

Well see, that makes a ton of sense.. Honestly, I was trying to get you on my radio show to talk about what you do, how long you've been doing it, and of course, skype shows. What you do is something the rest of us aren't familiar with on a personal level-

Stormy, being a successful business women, responds with this:
I'd love to do your show...especially if we could get some fans to call in.  Maybe I was a bit rude because I panicked but my friend just had 7K stolen from her.  Why do people have to be such dicks?  Ugh!


Win for Adams! Win for Albany! Win for YOU! Questions for Stormy, post em below.





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