There really must be a poll for pretty much everything, then again this isn't that bad of a poll.

When it comes to the world of sex positions there are literally so many. Yet only a few actually rank throughout the country. Only one state favors 69ing over the rest (You go Indiana). Also there is a state that likes a position called Criss Cross. I don't mean to sound like a novice, but what the hell is Criss Cross!?!

New Jersey and Massachusetts, our neighbors, seem to love face sitting. The act of being nearly suffocated by butt must turn them on or something, I mean maybe it isn't that weird. That leaves us. New York. What is our position of choice in the privacy of our own homes or parks. was sort of vague about a state by state ranking but by process of elimination we either love doggy style or woman on top. I mean why can't we like both right? I like both.

Doggy Style or Woman on Top? Lets vote in the comments section, which does New York favor?

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