Before you get sucked into the new show (and you probably will) here's what you need to about the show before you commit to an entire season...

If you, like myself, have repeatedly seen and heard the commercials for FOX's new show The Masked Singer it may have peaked your interest. I mean, famous people in crazy costumes singing (sometimes terribly) how could it not?

Well last night I figured I like music, famous people, crazy costumes, and bad karaoke so I gave it a try. Now I should start by saying that the show is not terrible. I wouldn't exactly say it was great either

If you can over look the super cheesy judges/commentators that aren't even trying to figure it out, the over dramatic crowd shots full of wannabe actors, and Nick Cannons hair it's actually really kind of fun to try to figure out the clues and attempt pick out the famous person just by hearing their voice. In fact I know I got one right and may have nailed down a couple.

But here's the thing, the show shows you like 6 masked singers an episode but only unmasks ONE each week! Which means you you literally might not find out of you're right until the end of the season. And since this is a normal show on regular TV you have to actually watch every week for the entire season. Unlike most streaming series that drop a whole season of episodes at one time.

If you want to check it out for yourself the Masked Singer airs on FOX Wednesday nights at 9pm and streams on HULU.