Since I was walking through the store today and saw Halloween items on display already, I figured I'd jump in on preparing for things far too early.  And in light of the recent total solar eclipse, here's a heads up on when we'll be experiencing the next one! According to Accuweather, there will be another total solar eclipse, tracking over parts of New York, on April 8, 2024.  While I know 2024 seems like a far distance off, this is realistically less than a decade away!  As noted, it's going to be tracking over New York again, so you'll be able to actually experience it (you can check out the map and the eclipse's path right at Accuweather).  You may be thinking, big whoop- an eclipse again.  But as an avid outdoors woman who loves to fish and camp, let me tell you why I can't WAIT until the next eclipse:  bass fishing.

I just came back from a long weekend camping in the Adirondacks.  It's my 23rd year going, where I just get 'off the grid' and spend my days fishing for bass, hanging in either my canoe or a little aluminum fishing boat, and follow it up with a nice campfire.  Having gone to the same area just north of the Capital District, on the edge of the Pharoah Lake Wilderness, I know that the bass really only bite during sun rise and as the sun goes down.  Any catch during the daytime hours is pure luck.

However, being out on the canoe for the eclipse, I could feel the temperature on the lake drop what felt about 7-10 degrees right between 2:00-3:00 (I also may have accidentally looked at the sun during this point and saw the eclipse- not recommended).  As the temperature dropped, so did the thermal winds, and the lake became flat as glass.  Low and behold, it was as if a light switch turned on and the bass started biting!  We caught 6 bass total in that hour, and as the eclipse ended, the sun came out fully, and the wind picked up again, the fishing died.  I can't say it's scientific, but in my experience, you may just enjoy the eclipse in other ways- such as fishing-  if you enjoy the outdoors!

The view from Rock Girl Tatiana's campsite. Credit: Tatiana