Summer is a time to cherish. Being in August, we should also be mindful that fall is literally a month away and to quote Peter Griffin that is really grinding my gears.

First off, last week I was told by a co-worker that Dunkin Donuts already has their pumpkin spice flavors back. No biggie. Went to Walmart to buy some beer. Saranac and Sam Adams have their fall variety packs out. This is an issue to me at least. Sure I like a good fall style beer as much as the next guy but its a massive reminder that fall is right around the corner showing its ugly face.

Exactly one month from today we can bid summer farewell for another year and start breaking out the windbreakers and jeans again. One month until the trees start changing color. I know everyone always says this but time is flying so fast. This year especially. To me it feels like winter just ended and now we are a few months away from it. Has this year moved too fast to you?

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