You won't be able to visit is gravestone during track season but it appears as though the family has plans to make the Saratoga Race Course David Cassidy's final resting place.

Not to be too morbid, but it appears that the late Partridge Family actor, singer, and song writer was a huge fan of horse racing. Not only was he a big fan of betting the ponies but apparently he was particularly fond of the Saratoga Race Course which he visited during track season for roughly three decades.

According to TMZ David's final wish was to have his ashes spread at the Saratoga Race Course. Which they say his family has plans to do this summer. I guess there is some drama going on between his family and his ex-girlfriend in regards to what is to be done/what they are doing with his ashes that is unfolding on social and in the general media but the family says the plan is to carry out David's final wishes.

They aren't saying exactly when they plan to spread his ashes on the course however, on Saturday August 18th the Saratoga Race Course will be holding the David Cassidy Memorial Race where according to a Facebook event page;

This Memorial Race on 8/18/18 is to Honor David Cassidy and his Love of thoroughbred racing and his horsemanship. David was a fixture every summer at Saratoga for over 30 years. He was a "walking encyclopedia of knowledge about horse bloodlines", and was always "willing to attend or perform for a charitable fundraiser" for race horses. The winner of this race will be given the trophy in David's honor.

Fans and friends will be able to have their picture taken in the winners circle! A quick stop before the race to see the paddock where the owners, trainers and jockeys are full of anticipation and meet to saddle up before the race. David did this hundreds of times.This was his place in the world that he felt most comfortable and at home. Let's make this day special!

So there is a good chance that this is when they will carry out his final wish.

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