Forget every cuddly thing you've learned about elephants from the likes of Babar and Dumbo, because Far Cry 4's pachyderms pack a punch.

The latest trailer for Far Cry 4 plays out like a nature documentary, narrated by some disembodied British voice, exploring the majesty of Kyrat's elephants. We're given tidbits about how intelligent elephants are, since they're able to learn language and use tools, and how incredibly heavy and strong they are as well. These three-ton beasts can uproot a tree just by using their trunks! Cray-cray, right?

Once the narrator says they have "no natural predators," it's go-time. We're treated to how elephants can be used in the game to charge at vehicles and personnel, leaving mess of everything. They can use their trunks to toss enemies and their incredible weight to crush them, making baddies look like tubes of toothpaste that have been stomped.

Take a look at the carnage in the trailer above and get ready to rampage with the elephants when Far Cry 4 is released on Nov. 18.

Elephants might be badass, but they're not match for the mighty poop deer.