In Cumbria, Britain a man dressed as Batman is chasing down the Creepy Clowns and I am very upset with all Americans for not doing this first and leaving it up to the British.

The Creepy Clown epidemic started in America and for the longest time no one did anything about it, in my first blog about the Clowns I tried to warn everyone that it's going to spread and become a huge problem and that we need Batman, but I was expecting an American to answer the call.... or respond to the signal.

In my second blog about the Creepy Clowns I took the liberty of telling you all that I told you so! Because the Clowns started showing up here in the Capital Region and they showed up in my apartment complex of all places, so now I carry a small arsenal in the backseat of my car.

So first I warned you all and called for Batman to take care of the Creepy Clowns, then the Creepy Clowns showed up where I live and then Batman showed up to chase them away, I think I should stop blogging about this.

In conclusion: Does it bother anyone that there is a International Creepy Clown problem and now a real life Batman is chasing them?